About the Artist

Altered Cat lovers are easy to spot.  Researchers from the University of Cat-lovers have confirmed if you live with a cat, it will influence your habits, making you pick up some unusual behaviors.  Altered Cat owners are seen as being more artistic, highly creative, drawing them relentlessly and creating thousands of them.  Once you go Altered Cat, you never go back. “One cat just leads to another.” – Ernest Hemingway.

About Altered Cats NFT’s

Whether you just started collecting Altered Cats, or your a seasoned cat collector.  Here are 10 interesting facts About Altered Cats that may surprise you.

  1. The average lifespan of an Altered Cat on the blockchain is longer then the human lifespan, and they might be eternal.
  2. Also, Altered Cats have zero lives!  Because they cant die.
  3. Only 1,000 Altered Cats are available on the www.ab2.gallery
  4. Only 10,000 Altered Cats are available on www.opensea.io
  5. Altered Cats don’t eat, make a mess, or kill anything!
  6. Altered Cats only have 3 paws in the front and rear.
  7. Altered Cats don’t chase laser pointers, they were created and breed on the smart contract.  They might stare at your mouse.
  8. Altered Cats don’t make any noise, it just the purr of your compter fan.
  9. According to Cat-lover studies, Altered Cat owners have better psychological health than people without pets.
  10. It’s possible these rare Altered Cats may become valuable, and sought after by top collectors around the world.